I. About The Service

1. What is My Singtel Account Application?
A one-stop application to view your Singtel bills, manage your mobile services, check data usage and even subscribe to overseas data roaming, all on the go! Check out "This Week's Hot Deals" and current roaming rates! And with this latest version, you can even redeem points to enjoy Singtel rebates and exclusive deals through our Red Rewards program.

A) MyBill
View PDF copy of your monthly Singtel bill for the last six months. If you are not on eBill, please register with us at https://mybill.singtel.com before setting up your ONEPASS profile on the BlackBerry phone.

B) MyMobile
Save time and effort by managing your Mobile Services on your BlackBerry phone
You can:
- Check your handset upgrade eligibility
- View your Mobile Service details
- View your Value Added Services details

C) Data Usage
Don't know how much data you've used? Check latest local and roaming data usage record wherever you are.
You can:
- Avoid bill shock by checking data usage on-the-go
- Get familiar with your data usage to decide which BroadBand on Mobile plan is suitable to your needs
Note: data usage record will be updated once a day and the data may vary from your actual Singtel bill.

D) Roaming
With DataRoam Saver, you can enjoy UNLIMITED data at a fixed rate per day, while surfing on your mobile phone across several destinations.
The new DataRoam Saver (1-day, 3-day, 5-day) is applicable for customers roaming on specific destinations on per operator per day basis.

For details, please visit www.singtel.com/dataroam

E) This Week's Hot Deals
You can check out the latest handset offers and prices every weekend, wherever you are.

F) Red Rewards (for selected handsets only)
A rewards program that allows Singtel customers to redeem their points for Singtel services, merchant rewards, and special promotions. Members also get to access to exclusive birthday treats and instants rewards by showing the Singtel logo on their mobile phones.

G) Value Added Services
Select from a host of innovative Value-Added Services for mobile line and enjoy fuss-free communication - any time, every time.

2. Who is eligible to use this Application?
The Application is available to Singtel Mobile Postpaid customers:
- MyBill and MyMobile
It is applicable for NRIC and Foreign ID Registered customers.
- Data Usage and Roaming
It is applicable for NRIC, Foreign ID, Business Registered Number (BRN) and Corporate Individual Scheme (CIS) customers.

II. Charges

1. How much does the application cost?
It is free of charge.

2. Are there any data charges for using the application?
Yes, prevailing pay-per-use data charges of $0.01/2KB (min. of $0.05/session) apply if you are not on iFlexi plan or BroadBand on Mobile Value-added Service plan.

III. How To Use

1. How do I access the Application?
You may access my Singtel Account from BlackBerry World or Singtel App Zone

2. What are the platform supported for this application?
The supported platforms include iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4/4s, iPad, Android 1.6/2.1/2.2/2.3/3.1, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry OS 6/7/10 and Nokia Symbian 3 devices at the current moment.

3. How do I feedback if the application does not work on my BlackBerry phone, or if I have comments/suggestions for improvement?
Please call 1688 and provide your application title, mobile model/details.

4. I have accidentally deleted/uninstalled the application. Can I download it again?
You can download the application again from BlackBerry World or Singtel App Zone.

5. I have lost my BlackBerry phone, can I recover this application?
Yes, you can download again from BlackBerry World or Singtel App Zone.

IV. Terms & Conditions

For Terms & Conditions, please go to
http://www.ideas.singtel.com/mobile/support/ tc.jsp